RECSO 2017 Environmental Awards

The RECSO EnviroSpill 2017 Awards are of great importance and are designed enhance, support, and encourage all environmental efforts to expedite economic development and growth for the benefit of energy, environment and sustainability.

The awards are a live example of the vital role of energy in the process of economic development. The role of the energy sector is fundamental in securing and protecting the environment by introducing and employing the best international industry practices, quality standards, and quality for environment protection. Energy and oil sector initiations and participation in these awards is a distinctive contribution that will boost planning and substantiating the social responsibility for a secured and productive environment.

Companies, corporations, and personalities will be judged by a panel of experts for their excellence, efforts, dedication, and sustainability of environment.

“RECSO 2017 Environmental Awards” are classified into five categories;

  • Excellence in Environmental Applications
  • Excellence in Environmental Technology
  • Excellence in Capability & Response
  • Excellence in Incident Command Structure
  • Excellence in Environmental Projects and Products