The programme is currently being compiled but the following topics will be addressed. Please check back for updates.

Themes and topics to explore during the conference include:


  • Disaster preparedness, resiliency, and recovery
  • Improving safety through industry collaboration
  • Protecting people, environment, asset, and reputation
  • Major accidents prevention and mitigation
  • Unique spill response issues


  • Tools for process safety in offshore and upstream operations
  • Improve EH&S practices during maintenance/turnarounds on rigs
  • Reviewing the quality of the environmental impact assessment
  • Implementing process safety in the drilling industry


  • Socio economic aspects of oil spills
  • Oil spill - interconnectedness between human and ecosystem health
  • Oil spill control: offshore prevention and response
  • Decision-making process for the election of an oil spill response mechanism
  • Oil spill risk assessment and response planning for offshore installations
  • Long term ecological evaluations and assessments
  • Developing spill planning and response competencies


  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Underwater robotic technology for environmental and asset integrity monitoring
  • Incorporating an ecosystem services approach into restoration and coastal management
  • Analysing the ecological impacts of an oil spill
  • Perspectives on environmental and health data for advancing science and for informed decision-making
  • Approaches to shoreline protection preparedness
  • Assessment of the impact of dispersant use for oil spill response in coastal areas
  • Natural resource damage assessments post-spill monitoring
  • Infrastructure for oiled wildlife response
  • Shoreline clean-up and assessment techniques


  • Remote real-time subsea monitoring systems
  • Risk-based assessment around subsea infrastructure
  • Fatigue reliability assessment for life extension of offshore structures
  • BOP system reliability planning and testing
  • HP/HT application considerations


  • Decommissioning process optimization methodology
  • Structural analysis support to decommissioning
  • Structural integrity management of floating offshore structures


  • Subsea technology research and development
  • Smart production monitoring & management information systems
  • Incorporating well control support functions into a broader oil spill response plan
  • Remote sensing and detection techniques

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